Top paddling destinations in Washington

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Washington is one of the best places to take on your paddles and have some fun. Thanks to its unusual landscape which contains beautiful rocky sceneries and rivers, Washington will provide you with the ultimate paddling experience.

In case you’re wondering which destinations you can choose for canoeing in Washington, check out our list suggestions below.

#1 Winchester Wasteway

Winchester Wasteway is a great place to start if you’re an experienced paddler. Due to its landscape structure, the beginners and larger groups of canoers should approach this area with caution. Winchester Wasteway runs through the desert so that the weather can affect the channels. In some regions, you will need portages because it’s a fast running water with narrow stretches.

Pro tip: Keep your eyes open for a waterfall right on the entrance to the reservoir.

#2 Long Island in Willapa Bay

Long Island is one of the best choices for its wildlife. On this island, which is located in Willapa Bay, right off the coast of Estuary Island in Pacific, you can meet deer, bears, various types of birds, Elks, and beavers. A perfect place to plan a camping trip or just one-day picnic. The area is approachable on high tides, but if you run into a low tide, you’ll have to go through knee deep mud.

Pro tip: Make sure you take the camera with you, as you never know what kind of scenery you’ll bump into.

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#3 Clu Elum River

If you’re a beginner paddler, Clu Elum River is the perfect place for you. The river is slow moving, which will give you enough time to get used to the canoe. On the other hand, the scenery around the river is breath-taking so that you may plan an excellent round for a couple of hours. The water is easy to access, and the place is crowded with camping.

Pro tip: This is a great place to practice, so make sure you bring your pole.

#4 Snoqualmie River

For more experienced paddlers, the Middle of Snoqualmie River is good choice to start. This area gives you not only the great paddling experience, but it’s also up for some hiking in the woods. There are areas in the mountains which are still wild and cut off from the rest of the civilization, which is a great thing if you’re seeking an adventure.

Pro tip: This place is ideal for both paddling and camping, and it suits groups better than individual paddlers.