July 31st – Medicine Creek Treaty Ceremony

The Nisqually Tribe will host a special ceremony for the Treaty Tribes on July 31st in conjunction with the Canoe Journey at the Billy Frank Jr. National Wildlife Refuge.

This ceremony is in recognition of the Medicine Creek Treaty as the location where our ancestors gathered to preserve and protect our treaty fishing, shell fishing, and the right to gather and exist by own traditions. Without their foresight and knowledge, our way of life would not be as it is today. Today we are the leaders of tradition, culture, economic development and stewards of the land and our tribal members.

The Medicine Creek Treaty Tribes are Puyallup Indian Tribe, Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, Squaxin Indian Tribe and Nisqually Indian Tribe. This ceremony will follow the Billy Frank Jr. Tell Your Story Act, which renames the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge to the Billy Frank Jr. National Wildlife Refuge. The Act also creates the Medicine Creek Treaty National Memorial at the site of the Treaty Tree.

This Billy Frank Jr. National Wildlife Refuge is the only refuge named after a tribal member in the United States.