New to canoeing? Here’re 3 things you need to know before you start

When you’re starting a new hobby, you often get overwhelmed by the amount of information about the topic. Canoeing is no different. There are a lot of tips, theories, and practices that usually depend on one’s interpretation. Thus, it makes the beginnings even harder. As it turns out, you have to go through each to get the one you need.

Well, not today, because we prepared some basic tips you need to know before you start canoeing.

Loading a canoe

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Upload a canoe can be a serious bump in the road for beginner canoers. On the one hand, you have a narrow and tippy boat which needs to be stuffed with gear. But, the equipment is usually cumbersome and jumbled. When you combine those two, (as seen on this page) it seems everything but logical. Don’t worry. All you need to do is to avoid putting too much weight on the front of the canoe, as well as on the back. A proper loading is an important skill to master because your boat will lose maneuverability and speed.

Stay safe

canoeing for beginnersWhen you master how to take care of your canoe (how to transport it in one piece and how to load it), you should take care of yourself. Having a proper safety equipment on a canoe is a must if you want the freedom to enjoy your new hobby. Thus, make sure you have a lifejacket or a PFD (personal floating device) on or near you, no matter how good swimmer you think you are. On top of that, make sure you avoid inclement weather, such as lightning, wind storms, and thunderstorms

Paddles and strokes

You sure saw a paddling pattern before: turning paddles zig zag with a circle every once in awhile. But, in reality, the canoe will never go in a horizontal direction to give you the opportunity to craft your zig zag paddling. So, before you start canoeing, make sure you take a couple of lessons from experts or experienced paddlers, that will give you the right information on how can you make the best strokes to control your canoe. Once you’re on the water, there’s just you and your canoe – and you better make sure you get your paddling straight before you start.

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